2017 Release Party - August 25

Truly one of my favorite things to do is share my wine with friends. As evidenced in the photos above taken from 2016 release party last year. I am proud of wine that Freedom produces, and I love drinking it. The only thing better than drinking my wine is drinking my wine with great food and doing both in the company of friends.

We are having our release party on August 25th. It’s going to be in the same location as last year, the Foxmoor HOA clubhouse down the street from our home. The only changes are going to be the wine and the food. The food will be a classic Santa Maria Barbeque prepared on site and served by Dearmore BBQ in Ventura, California.

The wine will be a trifecta of yumminess:

  • Rosé of Sangiovese from Lucas & Lewellen Vineyard in Los Alamos
  • Grenache from Thomas Colburn Vineyard in Paso Robles
  • Syrah from Tierra Alta Vineyard in Ballard Canyon

Some of you might have had a chance to try the Rosé already and know how good it is. August should be a great time to get reacquainted with this newcomer.

Most of you haven’t tried either of two new red wines and you are in for a very pleasant surprise. I first made Syrah from Tierra Alta in 2014 with the Hueneme Wine Coop. It’s a fantastic vineyard which produces beautiful grapes year after year. The 2017 Syrah is a luscious, dark, fruit-filled, spicy wine which will go great with BBQ.

I have made the Colburn Grenache for 4 straight years. This is the first commercial release of this wine which I can only describe as candy in a bottle. It is quite light in color and packed with fruit flavors. It has a subtle spice which makes this a very easy drinking wine which pairs well with a variety of food and suitable for almost any occasion.

If it sounds like I’m excited about the 2017 wines, it’s because I am excited and for good reason. Jennifer and I look forward to seeing everyone for the release party.

Cheers! FWC

For more information about Freedom Wine Company or to try or buy our wines, call me: (818) 674-2005 or call Jennifer (818) 674-2006

www.drinkfreedomwine.com or email us at: drinkfreedomwine@gmail.com

P.S. The Temparanillo, Estelle Syrah and Grenache Blanc will also be available for tasting and purchase at the party. Bring your wallets!