A Taste of White

I tasted our Grenache Blanc Yesterday. I still get nervous when it comes time to taste my wine. What if something went wrong? What if there’s an off smell? What if we got a bad barrel? Or, God forbid, what if it just doesn’t taste good? I usually like to have someone else taste it with me so that I have a second opinion.

I tasted our Grenache Blanc yesterday and it was REALLY good. It had a great nose; a nice, fruit forward taste, with a good bit of acid to balance it out. It was very easy to drink right out of the stainless steel barrels at room temperature at 10:30 in the morning. I’m certain it will be even better once it’s chilled. It was still a touch hazy, but this too shall pass.

The plan is to bottle it in March. This should make it perfect for spring. As things warm up and your desire for more white wine tends to increase, please don’t hesitate to give me a call or shoot me an email. Remember, there’s only one barrel, so it’s going to go fast.

Luckily, we will also have a bit of really nice pink wine. It’s a blend of our Syrah and Tempranillo with just a touch of our Grenache Blanc for acidity. It will also be bottled in March, just as things start to warm up. If there is any water in Lake Nacimiento this summer, I can see Jennifer and me watching the sun set over the lake with glasses in hand.

If you have questions about our wine or you would like to stop by for a taste, call us (818) 674-2005 for Jeff or (818) 674-2006 for Jennifer, or send us an email drinkfreedomwine@gmail.com

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