Can You Say Gewurztraminer Three Times, Fast?

Me neither and that is why it’s not on the label.But I am really excited about our new white wine coming out in July.Shortly after my excitement about selling out of my Grenache Blanc, came the fit of panic that soon set in.It’s hot, it’s almost summer.We are all locked inside and I have no white wine?What to do?Panic, right?No, source some new products?Yes.

Thanks to Shan Fraun, head winemaker at the Camarillo Custom Crush, I was able to get some small lots of wine in order to put together a new white wine blend.The wine is all produced in grown and Santa Barbara County by Lucas and Lewellen Vineyards.These are the folks that grew the awesome Sangiovese grapes for my pink wine.

I sampled three different varieties and ultimately fashioned a blend that is 90% Gewurztraminer.It has 5% Riesling and 5% of Moscato.Gewurztraminer and Riesling are German varietals.They are often thought of as sweet wines, but this is a common misconception.These wines historically were made in three different ways:Sweet, off-sweet and dry.Our wine (of course) is dry.But it is also light, refreshing and has fabulous fruit flavor and nose appeal.An essence of nectarine on the nose along with some herbal influence.On the tongue it has a nice mouth feel and a light, but classic earthy taste along with fresh fruit and more.

While this blend can truly be called a Gewurtz as it contains 90% varietal, I chose to call it a blend, mostly to make it easier for people.I also chose to give it a name, “Session”.The term “session” has a significant meaning in the world of adult beverages.It tends to stand for a long period of time when people are drinking, sometimes at work or other times at a public event.

In more recent years, beermakers have produced what has become known as “session beer” which typically has lower alcohol content and is designed to have most of the taste of the bigger sibling with less alcohol.For me though, recent world events seem to have most of us held up in our homes in a “session” that has been incredibly stressful to many of us on many levels: physically, emotionally and certainly, financially.

In my 2019 Session Blend, I hope you find the same bright, fruit forward expression of an easy drinking and upbeat beverage that I found.I hope my wine helps to bring you the same sense of hope which it brought me.Hope that we all will soon find ourselves back to some semblance of normalcy, physically, emotionally and financially.

In the meantime, I hope your session continues as comfortably as possible and I hope my Session helps to make that happen.

Available July 1, it will retail for $28 per bottle/ 3 packs are $75.Case or cash discounts apply.

We will take pre-release orders at $20 per bottle, no additional discounts will apply.Please believe me when I tell that this is a limited run and it will be gone fast!

Stay safe,

Jeff and Jennifer Vallens (818) 674-2005