Harvest 2018

I want to thank everyone who came out to the 2017 Release Party. I hope you all liked the food, wine and generally had a good time. I hope you bought some wine too! If you missed your opportunity to try the wine or didn’t bring your wallet that night, please feel free to call me or email and I will be happy to sell you some wine or set up a tasting.

We are sad to say that we are sold out of Grenache Blanc. I am really pleased that this wine was such a big hit and would only add that the timing couldn’t be much better. Harvest 2018 has begun, and we have been allocated at least another 1200 pounds of Grenache Blanc and plan to have it bottled in our February bottling. Sorry, but that is as soon as we can get done.

By popular demand we will also be making Tempranillo again in 2018. By far our most popular varietal to date, the 2018 harvest should not let us down. The grapes appear to be getting back to more of a sense of normalcy after many drought years gave rise to early ripening. This year’s harvest is at least 2 weeks later than 2017. Typically, the extra hang time is good for the wine’s flavor and structure. I am excited about our 2018 Tempranillo and expect it to be bottled in late June or early July of 2019.

True to my love of Rhone varietals, I plan to make Syrah again this year. We have already been promised Tierra Alta fruit and year after year, this vineyard continues to produce blockbuster grapes. I’m not sure what the Sanger family does in this vineyard, but whatever it is, I hope they keep doing it!

I’ve been thinking of making something new this year. After many requests, I am considering a Bordeaux varietal, or better yet, a blend. Jennifer has always been a fan of the California Cabernet/Bordeaux blends and maybe I will make something for her? I haven’t decided for sure yet, but I should know in the next couple of weeks. I promise to keep everyone posted on my decision and its progress in the barrel.

If anyone wants to pre-purchase wine at discounted prices, it will ensure your allotment before we sell out. We will soon sell out of our 2016 Tempranillo and I have no doubt the 2018 won’t last long.

Cheers! FWC

For more information about Freedom Wine Company or to try or buy our wines, call me: (818) 674-2005 or call Jennifer (818) 674-2006