Harvest 2019 - Zin baby!

It seems like we just finished bottling the 2018’s and already we are elbow deep in the red stuff. Harvest 2019 is on. We have already brought in Grenache from Adelaida and Zinfandel from…well from a very well known vineyard in Templeton, California. I’ve been buying grapes from this family for several years now but only for personal consumption. I can’t tell you their name, but I can tell you that they are a lovely family. They have a huge ranch which grows mostly Zinfandel. They have owned the property since their ancestors emigrated here from Italy. One family member is a winemaker and her label name also won’t be mentioned in this article.

What I can tell you about the Zin is that it is also bottled by the likes of Ridge, Turley and just a few other limited recipients. Yes, it seems we are playing in the big sand box this year. I’m very excited that we were able to get these grapes as well as an additional 20% Petite Syrah to co-ferment. The Petit should add nicely to the color, complexity, mouth feel and approachability of this wine. We had very good luck with the Zin in 2018 and are excited to bring it public in 2019. We look forward to this wines development, with the help of a bit of time and a touch of American oak, we are hoping for a blockbuster.

feel like the Grenache is getting a back seat to the Zin this year and that’s just not fair. I simply love the Colburn Vineyard Grenache. I tried it this morning just before it was pressed out. The color may be the best we’ve ever had, a fabulous nose and I think it’s going to be good. It may be even better than the 2016 which was my personal favorite to date. I was impressed with the high volume of free run juice I can’t wait to barrel sample this stuff in 6 months. 

I will keep you updated as these develop in the cellar. In the mean time, please come by the Custom Crush this weekend because there are 6 Freedom wines being poured. All 5 new releases and the 2016 Syrah from Estelle Vineyard. Who knows, if you drop by you might even catch me there.

Cheers! FWC

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