Life, Liberty and Happiness – Not Necessarily in that Order

2018 was an interesting year for FWC.As I make wine for more and more years, I meet more and more people try more and grapes and want to make more and more wine.In 2018 I made quite a bit of wine.To mix things up, we started blending juice in order to produce some fun and different wine.


Paso Robles.But, in order to bolster the normally blended varietal and give it a bit more color and backbone, we added just a touch or two other, darker red grapes.The result is a beautifully colored, light drinking red blend.I like it a bit colder than most of my reds.I normally pop the cork and put it in the fridge for 20 minutes before I pour my first glass.It’s a great summer wine, starter wine, and even holds up well to lighter food items, including poultry, pasta, fish.


Life is a Syrah based blend with fantastic color, taste and tenacity.It’s been cut with 25% Grenache which makes it much more approachable from the start.But its heart is full of bright fruit, spice and a bit of tannin from its origin in the Santa Ynez Valley.This wine pairs nicely with a meat heavy charcuterie platter and certainly many meat dishes, barbeque and certainly the pulled pork, black bean chili I had for lunch.


Liberty is a 50/50 Syrah/Tempranillo blend that needs time and food.I often open this the night before, recork tightly and keep in the refer overnight.Pull it out the next day 30 to 60 minutes before drinking and what a showstopper we have on our hands.Think of this wine as France meets Spain for an evening of competition.Each grape shows itself well alone and plays well together as all members of the EU should.Beef stew, barbeque, any wild game meats and other, heavier fare, pair well with this wine.

I am pleased with the way all three blends came together.I expect they will continue to develop over the next 2 to 5 years.My favorite was the Happiness upon release and until about a month ago.Life has taken over the title.I expect Liberty to jump into the spotlight in the next 6 months.

Available now:$32 per bottle/ 3 packs are $76 to continue the theme.Case discounts apply

Funny.I wrote this yesterday and was reminded about the “Liberty” and thought I would give it a whirl.I opened a bottle last night and tried it with pasta with a simple homemade meat sauce.It has really come around and was drinking quite nicely.I may have find great new go-to for pasta and pizza!


Jeff and Jennifer

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