New Wine Releases 2019: Zinfandel, Grenache and Session

I am excited about my three new wine releases in 2019.They will all be bottled in the end of June and hopefully we will be drinking the white by 4th of July and the two reds by early August.

The white wine which has been aptly named “Session” after the terrible session of lockdown we have all been going through, is a blend of three grapes.It is primarily Gewurztraminer (90%) with 5% each of Riesling and Moscato.Normally we think of these three varietals as sweet wines.Historically, Moscato has always been a sweet wine, while Riesling and Gewurz have been made sweet, dry, or off-dry or semi-sweet.With Session, the Moscato does have some residual sugar but the other two grapes are dry.Together, we end up with a refreshing, dry white wine with some lovely fruit essences on the nose and both fruit flavors, and earthiness upon tasting.Please order early as I sincerely believe this wine will be gone by Halloween.

Back by popular demand is my Adelaida District Grenache.This wine is always a fan favorite.I opened a bottle of my 2017 Grenache yesterday.It was served slightly chilled, in the backyard by the pool and it was certainly a crowd pleaser (from a distance of course).The 2019 Grenache is showing a bit darker in color and with ripe fruit and the staple cherry cola/cranberry flavors that we have all come to expect and love.There is a reason we have made this wine every year since 2014.We call it “Candy in a bottle”, and its name was well deserved.

Maybe the best for last is the 2019 Zinfandel from Templeton Gap.For anyone not familiar with Templeton Gap it is the Southern part of Paso Robles, where the town of Templeton abuts Paso Robles proper.The wine is an 80/20 blend of Zinfandel and Petit Syrah.The modest addition of Petit helps round out the mouth feel, flavor and color of the wine and really showcase these old vine, head trimmed grapes.I can’t name the vineyard, but I can say that these grapes are bottled as a Zinfandel by Turley, Ridge and several other prominent producers.This is my fourth year making Zin from this vineyard, and my first year bringing it to the commercial market.Zin fans will not be disappointed and those who have not been zin fans in the past, may become believers in the California grape very soon.

I will take preorders for any of these wines starting June 1st.Pre-order pricing for the two reds is $22/bottle with anticipated delivery by July 1.Session pre-orders will be at $18 per bottle, also available for shipping/delivery/pickup by July 1.

Call or email to order:(818) 674-2005 or

Stay safe and well hydrated!