Temptation, our new Rosé is Just in Time for the Heat Wave

I found a new pink wine that I really like. It’s a cool addition to the Freedom line-up because it’s a Tempranillo. If you don’t see a theme here, I can tell you about it. We’ve been making Tempranillo since year one and it’s been a big hit with our customers. Many people aren’t as familiar with Tempranillo as they are with things like Cabernet or Merlot, but it’s a lesser known grape here in the United States that is hugely popular in Spain.

Before I begin to bore you, I will say that our new rosé has a super color a lovely nose and tastes great, with just a touch of effervescence on the front. It’s from a small vineyard in the Estrella District of Paso Robles and it will be released in about 3 weeks. We are just waiting on the federal government to approve our labels and we can start selling.

In the mean time it is available for tasting and we are not quite sold out of the 2019 Session white blend. Both wines retail for $18 dollars a bottle. Both wines are discounted for Covid.

We are still delivering for free locally and shipping throughout California via GSO.

Have a great holiday weekend.

Call or email to order: (818) 674-2005 or drinkfrreedomwine@gmail.com


Stay safe and well hydrated!