The New Year Brings New Hope and Great New Wines

People continue to ask me which wine is my favorite, what I like best or what I would pair with whatever kind of food.People tell me they like Cabs and Merlots and Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc.And then they ask, do you make a…?

If you like Cab and Merlot, please try my Tempranillo, I say.Temprawhatlo?They respond.

Grenache Blanc, is that a white wine?

Or, my new favorite question: Isn’t Gewurztraminer a sweet wine?Gewurztraminer can be sweet, I explain, or off sweet or even dry.Mine is quite dry, but drinks in a very approachable, fruit forward manner.Give it whirl.

Folks it’s a new year, and with this new year comes new hope of health, wealth, happiness and really fun new wines from FWC.And, because it is an even year, we will have a new Grenache Blanc from the same vineyard, but with different vineyard management.

I learn more about the wine business with every day that goes by.I called my old Grenache Blanc grower and ask for some GB for 2020.He said no problem.He never bothered to tell me he no longer manages the vineyard where I’ve been getting the grapes since 2016.After looking around for the rest of my 2020 grapes, I figured out who is running Estelle Vineyard and called them.The new vineyard management company came through for me this year.The new GB will be bottled in late March for release in April.I sampled it a couple weeks ago and things are looking really good for my GB in 2020.

Next, we’ve got two new reds.Continuing my theme of not making Cab or Merlot, I wanted to do a daily drinker.Something with some acidity and backbone, but not something that takes two years in barrel and another year in the bottle before we can go near it.We came up with a Sangiovese for 2020.It’s a Santa Barbara County, single vineyard Sangio that is showing nicely in early sampling.This will be my first commercial Sangiovese.

My hardcore fans may recall that my second pink wine was a Sangio from Lucas and Lewellen.My first red Sangio was a Hueneme Wine Company production from East side Paso.I do have a bit of experience in Italian varietals and I’m very excited about the upcoming FWC Sangio.It will be bottled in late June for release in July.This is a Santa Barbara County, single vineyard Sangio.It was fermented in used French oak and aged with some new French oak.It sounds to me like a summer pizza party is on the horizon!

For my other new red this year, I finally broke away from my desire to fight the mainstream.I made a Pinot Noir…And it’s good.I’ve been making Pinot Noir privately for many years now.I did a Sonoma County Pinot in 2011, 2013, and 2015.I did an amazing Santa Rita Hills Pinot in 2016.I have had rock star luck with Pinot but never really wanted to bring it to a super saturated marketplace until now.

I am truly excited to bring you my first commercial Pinot.This is a single vineyard fruit from Santa Ynez.The vineyard is Riverbench, and if you’ve never been you should go.They grow fantastic grapes and make beautiful wines, and they’re super nice people.

My 2020 Pinot Noir will be bottled in June for release in July.It was fermented in stainless steel and aged with a limited amount of new French Oak.While waiting for its release, I did take the liberty of making a few cases of pink wine from the same juice.If this pink wine is a sample of what’s to come, we’re gonna have a showstopper on our hands!

The GB will be available around April 1, it will retail for $28 per bottle/ 3 packs are $75.Case or cash discounts apply.

We are taking pre-release orders at $20 per bottle/$220 per case, sorry, no additional discounts will apply to this wine as it sells out every year.

The reds get bottled in late June for release in July.Both reds retail at $32 per bottle.Don’t worry, case and cash discounts will apply.Pre-release orders will be taken at $25 per bottle or $275 per case.

I hope everyone stays safe in the new year.I hope everyone is prosperous and happy in the new year.I hope everyone stays well hydrated in the new year.

God bless you all.Thank you all for your continued support.Call, email or text me for delivery or shipment options.If you’re feeling crazy, join the wine club.

Happy New Year!

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