The Rosé is Coming, the Rosé is Coming!

I just got a sneak taste of the 2017 Freedom Wine Company Rosé. The stainless steel barrels pictured above help create this crisp, clean, and refreshing pink wine made from 100% Sangiovese grapes grown on the Lucas and Lewellen Estate in Los Alamos California. The Italian varietals are part of L and L’s private owner’s reserve vineyards.

The Rosé will be bottled in the first week of April and will be released in the First week of May. Yes, just in time for the warm weather. Check out the beautiful color in the accompanying photo.

The 2016 Rosé went very fast and we are happy to announce we made a lot more this year. I anticipate the 2017 will sell out just as fast. Please call to place your pre-order any time. The pre-order price is $240 per case. That’s right, just 20 bucks a bottle!

We are also very excited about our 2017 reds. We will have a very limited release of Syrah from Tierra Alta Vineyard in Ballard Canyon. This is truly one of the most amazing Syrah vineyards I have ever experience. These grapes are highly sought after and very hard to get.

We will also have a limited release of Grenache from Tom Colburn’s Vineyard in the Adelaida District of Paso Robles. This is my third year in a row where I was lucky to be allocated grapes from this amazing seven acre parcel. The reds will be bottled in June or July and released shortly thereafter. We will keep you posted.

Case/cash discounts apply to most purchases. Sorry, no additional discounts to the pink wine. Wines can be shipped almost anywhere in the country.

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Call Jeff at (818) 674-2005 or Jennifer at (818) 674-2006