Valentine's Day, When Wives and Pink Wine Reign Supreme

I am fortunate to have a great family. I have two awesome kids and a wife who loves me. The only bad thing I can say about my wife is that her birthday is in February, only ten days after Valentine's day. This means, February is a very significant month for me. So what do I do to celebrate Valentine's Day at my house? I get my wife wine, right? Nope. If she wants wine, she has as much wine as she needs in the cellar. We have wine at the cold storage facility. We have wine at the custom crush. What I do for my wife on Valentine's Day is get rid of wine. That's where all of you come in. Please help me make my wife happy on Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day really is a great time to buy wine. Celebrate the day with a special dinner and a nice bottle of wine. You can go out. I suggest a day or two before or after the 14th in order to avoid crowds. If you do go out, bring a bottle of wine with you. Always check with the restaurant about their corkage policy before you go. Often, I find that bringing a bottle and paying corkage is a better deal than buying a bottle at the restaurant. It also ensures that I get a good bottle.

Or, you may want to cook for your significant other. In that case, I recommend at least two bottles of wine. One for prep and one for dinner. It helps make the task even more enjoyable. I would normally start with something lighter as in a white or pink wine for the prep and/or appetizers and then work into a heavier wine with the meal. Our 2017 Rose of Sangiovese is a really nice starter wine and does work well into lighter dinner fare. On the lighter side of red, we have our 2017 Grenache which is tasting great and very easy to drink. We are almost sold out of our 2016 Tempranillo, but before it's gone, it pairs well with most meat dishes or even hearty fish or poultry. Finally we have our bigger guns: The 2016 Syrah from Estelle Vineyard and the 2017 Syrah from Ballard Canyon. Both are excellent exemplars of Central Coast Syrah's. Both are very different and both pair well with richer foods and hearty meat, dishes exotic meats or BBQ.

All wines are available for shipping or local delivery. Call or email soon to get them in time for Valentine's Day. As always there are case and cash discounts. We now accept credit cards and very soon, you will actually be able to order online.

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