Why Join a Wine Club?

If you don’t know what a wine club is, you probably are not reading this right now. Nonetheless, many have yet to afford themselves the benefit of a wine club. A wine club is an opportunity to experience wine directly from a favored winery. Club members normally receive regular shipments, 1 to 4 times per year of selected wines. The number of bottles and price may vary depending on the winery. These bottles get delivered directly to the member and the member often receives significant discounts on the wine. These discounts are rarely available to the general public. Delivery directly from the winery avoids any middleman handling the wine and ensures proper storage and temperature control. If you have walked into a wine store lately, you might find the shelves are lined with dusty bottles from non-current vintages which have been shelved for years in a non-temperature controlled warehouse.

Another benefit of club membership is that it let’s you experience wines that are not even available in wine stores. The vast majority of wineries in California and the world are very small, usually family run businesses. The production volume of small wineries can range from as little as a few barrels to hundreds of cases. With production this small, there is rarely enough wine to sell through a distributor. Thus, the wine may never be seen in a retail store at any price.

Finally, wineries sometimes host special events including wine dinners, tours, private tasting or other things that may not be available to the general public or may be more cost effective as a member of the club. Members normally taste wine for free when they visit the winery and generally get treated as family when they do visit. Additional wine purchases through the year are often discounted as well.

So, if you’ve never been a member of wine club, I hope you consider it now. Often, clubs will let you try the club out for a period of three months of so. During that time, you will get your shipments sent to your home or office and the winery will simply bill your credit card. If you like the wine, you can continue your membership in the club. If you want to stop, you can normally cancel at any time after 90 days.

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